Our Rooms


Tiny Twinkles

Our Tiny Twinkles have their own quiet, homely area and a team of caring, dedicated practitioners. A key person from this team will build a warm relationship with your baby, helping baby to feel settled and secure during the nursery day. The key person will work with you to learn about your baby’s routine and individual needs. You will be given a daily record that tells you about your child’s mealtimes, sleep times and nappy changes. Your baby’s key person will also be able to share information and discuss your child’s development.

In our Tiny Twinkles area there is lots of space for rolling, crawling and learning to walk. This play area is designed to provide a stimulating environment for your child. Some features are; the sensory area (includes heuristic play – this revolves around the use of treasure baskets and encourages babies to discover and learn about their world through sensory motor development whilst providing them with rich mental stimulation; all of which develops their confidence and concentration), ambient lighting and snuggle area. Your child’s key person will work closely with you to develop a nursery routine that meets your wishes. Your baby will be provided with fresh, clean bedding every day. Nappies, formula milk and a change of clothes have to be provided by parents/carers.

At Bright Futures our practitioners will allow your baby to lead activities and games. This means that we are guided by what is interesting and exciting to your baby, as an individual. Bright Futures practitioners will work with your child within the ‘Early Years Foundation Stage’ framework. The framework will be promoted through well planned experiences based upon children’s spontaneous play both indoors and out. Based upon this, practitioners will deliver personalised learning, development and care to help children to get the best possible start in life.


Mini Meteors

The Mini Meteors’ playroom is a bright, stimulating place where your child will grow in confidence as they learn new skills. Within this room your child will be provided with the opportunity to experience a rich language environment to develop their confidence in expressing themselves and to speak and listen in a range of situations.

Group activities such as songs, storytelling and dancing will help your child to enhance their emerging language and social skills. They will also receive plenty of individual praise and encouragement to increase their self-confidence and awareness.

Opportunities for speaking and listening are everywhere and the development and use of communication and language is at the heart of young children’s learning and the ability to communication gives the children the capacity to participate more fully in their society. Our practitioners have been trained to use the communication friendly spaces resources; this focuses on the role of the environment and supports children’s emotional well-being and speaking and listening skills.

At this stage encouragement and support with self-care needs will be given to enhance your child’s independence.


Moon Beams & Shooting star

As your child grows in confidence and mobility they will move into the Moonbeam play area, which is welcoming and fun to explore. In this play area the equipment and experiences reflect your child’s increased curiosity and their desire to investigate and experiment with ‘messy play’ and ‘sensory’ activities. They will continue to follow the ‘Early Years Foundation Stage’ framework, becoming involved in exciting new experiences of sand, water, dough and finger paints, as well as structured play, pretend play, story time, music and much more!

Your child will still have a key person who will help them to settle in and who will talk to you about your child’s day at nursery. All children will be provided with clean, fresh bedding and will be able to rest and sleep during the day in the quiet area of the Moonbeam area.