Our Agreement

Provide a settling in period, usually of three sessions

Attend nursery with their child during the settling in period

Provide an open house nursery

Open House Policy

Maintain a daily attendance register and records for proof or attendance and absence

Inform the nursery of any reasons for absence

Plan a programme of activities to meet children’s needs and interests

Share their child’s interests by talking to them about what they have done in the nursery

Keep a registration form on file for each child including contact details, health and social care information and declaration of consent

Complete the registration form in full and to inform us of any changes in regards to the original details given especially contact details

Administer medicines prescribed by the doctor

Give the nursery written authorisation to do this

Advise of any outbreaks of infections, diseases or head lice

Keep a sick child at home and collect one who becomes ill at nursery as soon as possible

Ensure your child’s health and safety is adhered to at all times

Provide your child with suitable clothing and footwear in respect of weather. No earrings to be worn whilst at nursery unless covered with tape

Tell of any incidents in the nursery that may have affected your child during their stay

Tell the nursery of any significant happenings at home that may affect a child’s behaviour in the nursery

Hold annual progress meetings with parents, where parents are informed of their child’s progress based on the records held by the nursery

Tell the nursery about their own observations that can be added to the child’s records

Adhere to the nursery equal opportunities policy

Accept the nursery equal opportunities policy

Keep written policies in the nursery including equal opportunities, behaviour and children’s records

Look at policies if they wish

Welcome feedback in order to monitor the service we provide

Discuss or write comments on the service provided if they wish or are requested to do so

Encourage your child to experiment with a variety of materials and be creative. In doing this they may get messy, even though we insist on aprons

Provide sensible clothing for their child to be comfortable in and changes of clothing to stay dry and clean

Organise visits in to the locality, advising in advance when these are planned

Give consent for these to happen prior to outings

Provide invoices and receipts upon request

Pay fees promptly